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Fleet of Agnews Coaches



As specialists in providing transport solutions, Agnew Coach Hire has built a fleet of comfortable modern coaches that are ideal for almost any excursion. Find out more about our fleet and read our FAQs on this page.

Large White Agnews Coach
Agnews Coaches Modern Interior



Our goal is to have the appropriate vehicle or vehicles for almost any client request. To that end, we have built up a large fleet of vehicles, all of which are available to you. Our fleet includes:

  • A 16-seat minibus

  • 33-seat coaches

  • 49-seat coaches

  • 53-seat coaches

  • 62-seat coaches

  • 70-seat coaches

If you require details of our vehicles and the facilities available on-board, please contact the team.

Close up of bus driver's hands on steering wheel


The most important consideration for any coach hire company, and for those making use of their services, is safety. It’s essential that all coaches are maintained properly in order to keep drivers and our clients safe on the road.

Side View of a Large Agnews Coach

As well as ensuring that any issues our drivers notice are dealt with immediately, we take great care to follow a very strict routine maintenance schedule. This makes sure that there are no little issues that can develop into safety concerns – our team will find them and fix them long before they reach that stage. We’ll keep you safe on the road.


  • Does the vehicle have a toilet?
    Yes, we have a 49-seat coach that has a toilet. If you need toilet facilities for your trip, please ensure that you request this.
  • Can a child’s car seat be fitted to a vehicle, and do you supply one?
    Yes, a child's car seat can be fitted to all our vehicles as they all have 3-point seat belts. We do not supply any car seats, but are more than happy for you to fit your own if you have one available.
  • Does the vehicle have a CD player?
    Yes, our 16-seat minibus, 33, 49, and 53-seat coaches all have a CD player, which is available on request.
  • What is the most suitable vehicle for seniors?
    We have coaches with reclining seats with more leg room than our other vehicles. These are available on request.
  • We have a large number of children in our group, can you accommodate them?
    Yes, we have a 62 and 70-seat vehicles that are ideal for keeping a large number of children together in one vehicle. This is not a double-deck vehicle, making it ideal for supervision of children.
  • What is your largest vehicle?
    The largest vehicle we have is a 70-seat coach, but we mainly recommend this for children as the seats are slightly narrower than our other vehicles. This is also the case with our 62 seater vehicle.
  • What size of vehicles do you have?
    The smallest vehicle we have is a 16-seat minibus with a trailer for passengers’ luggage. The next size up is a 33-seater. Then we have more luxurious coaches with 49 and 52 seats. The largest vehicles we have are 62 and 70-seat vehicles which are great for children.
Country Road With Trees

If you need more information about what Agnew Coach Hire can offer you, please feel free to contact our Craigavon office today. Our team will be happy to provide you with the details that you need.

TEL: 028 3832 6755

Large White Agnews Coach
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